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Tuition fee discounts

Special tuition fee discounts for both foreign languages and school study!

  • Free registration
  • 1 month free (15-30 September and 1-15 June)
  • FREE Junior A with 1 hour everyday school study
  • FREE Junior A and Junior B with 2 hours everyday school study
  • 20% discount for the second language
  • 15% discount for a foreign language and 10% discount for school study
  • 15% discount for English, 20% discount for French and 10% discount for school study
  • 10% off for your second child.
  • Special rates for families with 3 or more children (depending on the number of children attending the courses)

The payment of tuition fees takes place from October to June in equal payments. If the total amount of the fees is paid in advance, extra discount is applied