L2L Contact

School Study

  • Pick up children from school
  • Personalized learning support
  • Primary and Secondary school study
  • Free complementary and digital material
  • Storing books
  • Learning disabilities, dyslexia
  • Free teaching in foreign languages for primary school

We offer a flexible program to prepare all school subjects, which starts at the end of the daily school program. Taking into consideration the busy schedule of our little friends, you can choose every day the arrival time at our place, depending on the child's activities. For students who are interested in starting immediately after school, we can pick them up from the 13th and 3rd Primary School of Athens at 3:00 and escort them safely to our place.The study starts at 3:15. We will select together the program (1 to 3 hours), according to each student's needs. For us studying does not mean simple supervision but substantial assistance and guidance of the student in order to understand the school material and learn how to learn. The study in Learn2Learn is done individually taking into account the uniqueness and the special skills of each child.
Through regular revision, additional teaching material and the use of interactive digital material issued by the Pedagogical Institute and the Ministry of Education for all subjects of primary school, we really help the student to assimilate substantially the knowledge.