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Our philosophy

Our love for learning and children prompted us to create a comfortable and pleasant space where the course becomes a game and the game leads to learning. Driven by love and focusing on the cognitive and emotional needs of the child we proceeded to the realization of our dream when we were children: a space where our little friends will relax and be inspired in order to discover and appreciate the magical world of knowledge.

Respecting the temperament and personality of each student, we approach knowledge with the most modern pedagogical methods adopted by the most innovative education systems such as those of the Nordic countries. Taking into account the individual learning needs of each student and its individual learning skills (different learner types, auditory, visual, etc.) we adapt the educational process aiming at optimum results. In this way, as regard to the school study, the students are properly prepared for the next day at school, having clarified all their questions and having consolidated the school material. Furthermore the learning of a foreign language is easily achieved and in depth. In Learn2Learn teaching takes place without sterile stereotypes as our students cultivate their critical mind ... and learn to learn a skill that will forge intergraded personalities and will follow them throughout their lives!

Method of Active Learning Teaching

Considering that the students learn what they are interested in and remember what they understand, it is clear that teaching should be student-focused.

Even the teacher must step down from the traditional desk to the student's level and fully comprehend the way in which students listen, perceive and assimilate knowledge. By the innovative teaching method “Active Learning” that we use, the student is transformed from passive receiver to active member of the educational process, enjoying the lesson and consolidating the knowledge.

Through the use of new technologies (computers, tablets, interactive whiteboards, e-books) and authentic material, the student works in real life situations of communication using only the foreign language. In this way knowledge becomes a vivid experience as it breaks the borders of the class and it is transferred to real life.

Teaching of a foreign language, apart from the knowledge of the linguistic system itself, requires a cultural background in order to instill the love of learning not only for a language but for an entire culture. As citizens of the European and international community, it is imperative for the student to speak a foreign language, not as a mandatory qualification for the subsequent career path, but as a 'passport' that will expand his intellectual and cultural horizon. For this reason during the school year our students will have the opportunity to visit exhibitions, presentations and various events organized by the French Institute, the Hellenic American Union, the British Council and other institutions carrying out actions about the British and French culture and Greek institutions that promote the Greek culture as well.


Who we are

Athina Stafylaki: Graduate of the French School Saint Joseph she studied in the University of Athens History and Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy. She has worked for 27 years in ALPHA BANK where, apart from her administrative duties, she was a trainer of executives in seminars concerning bank issues. Her love for children and the support and educational guidance to her son, makes her fully informed and equipped with the necessary teaching material to help students both in primary and the first classes of junior high school. At the same time she has been teaching English and French at all levels since 1986, as she is certificated with Sorbonne III in French and Proficiency of Cambridge in English.

Magda Stafylaki: Graduate of the French School of Ursulines, she studied in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki French Language and Literature. Her post graduate studies in Literature and Theatre, gave her the opportunity to pore into both English and French culture. Furthermore, she has graduated from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, faculty of Communication Media and Culture, Advertising and PR. During her career as an accredited journalist in the EU, she has been teaching English and French in several language centers. Over the last 20 years she has attended several seminars for teachers of foreign languages (English, French and Greek for foreigners) in Greece and abroad. She was a teacher in public primary schools and an examiner in the French Institute of Athens. During her long professional career as a teacher she has gained valuable experience in learning disabilities issues such as dyslexia.


Our environment

Our space is designed to provide maximum safety (fire safety, triplex windows, stairs ergonomically designed) but also it creates the warm and familiar ambience of home. The colors are carefully selected to awaken spiritually our students without tiring them. The lighting of all our classrooms creates natural light even at night giving more brightness while resting the eyes.